yStreX: Yeast stress expression database

yStreX is an online database that collects, stores and distributes genome-wide expression data generated in the studies of stress responses using yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as the model organism. yStreX is also a resource that should be used not only to browse transcription data, but also to carry out analyses of gene expression without the need to download the raw data or carry out statistical analyses. Information from the gene expression analyses, including statistical values for individual genes and enriched biological features under specific conditions can be easily explored through an intuitive user-friendly web interface. In addition, meta-analyses that combine gene expression data from independent, but related studies (different labs, different experimental platforms and yeast strains) are used to enhance statistical power and reliability of the results.

Information from the gene expression analysis, including gene expression patterns and enriched biological features under a specific condition, is provided through query functions in Query page, which allows for searching:

  • by gene, to obtain the list of conditions in which the expression of the gene of interest is significantly changed
  • by condition, to obtain the list of genes that have significantly changes expression in a given condition

See About us for more information about yStreX. All data are freely available in Download page.


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